Frequently Asked Questions
1.  My son made the TPHS  team what happens next?
High School sports has a short but jam packed season, so players will begin daily practice and tournaments almost immediately.  Please realize that soccer must share fields with various sports such as football playoffs, girls’ soccer and more.  Please be patient as sometimes practices are canceled or rescheduled with no or very little notice.  The boys usually know before we do because its announced by the school over the speakers from the athletics director or other faculty member and we are usually last to know which doesn't give us the time to let you know.

2.  What do the boys get for uniforms and practice gear?
Each player will receive 1 dry-fit practice shirt, 1 short, and two pairs of socks to keep-they are also assigned a home and away jersey (varsity is assigned home and away jerseys as well as game day shorts) that must be turned in at the end of the season or it is recorded the same as a lost school book.  We encourage you to purchase extra gear (shorts, socks and practice T's for the season as the boys will be practicing 5 days a week and will wear the shorts and socks for games and practices.  We only carry a very small selection of extras and encourage you to purchase them through the Eastbay team website on our Team Store page.  Please remember this site is only up for one week after the mandatory parent meeting, if anything is needed after that we can't guarantee it will be available.

3.  Is spirit-wear mandatory? No, but it is highly encouraged as it encourages not only team spirit but school spirit as well.  The boys wear their "game-day" polo's to school every game day and the jackets when it gets colder.  Since we are a winter sport, the boys will need an appropriate jacket or

sweatshirt when they're on the side lines. The Jackets will be purchased at the mandatory parent meetings.  The other merchandise will be purchased on the Eastbay web site.  Remember each roster-Frosh, JV and Varsity have their own color for the polo shirts and wear different jackets.


4. What happens if my son misses a practice or game?   
If your son misses a game or practice regardless of sickness, vacation and/or schoolwork, he will not be penalized.  However, he will typically NOT start the next game.  The program rewards COMMITMENT and while illness cannot be planned everything else usually can.  TPHS Boys Soccer strongly feels that honor, commitment and respect to the team are some of the most valuable forms of character that a TP Player can possess. 

5. Does my son have to ride the bus to all games?
Yes! ALL players must arrive and depart all away games on the mandatory school provided transportation. Any further questions with regard to bus transportation should be addressed to Garry Thornton, Assistant Principal, Charlenne Falcis-Stevens, Athletic Department and the appropriate soccer coach. 
Any requests to travel separate from the team must be approved prior to the day of  the game and the respective coach and Head Varsity coach must be notified.

6. Why do we have games during finals? 
The boys soccer scheduled is mandated by CIF.  CIF WILL NOT change the date, unfortunately, it is out of our hands. 

7. Coach Communications: At this age, the coaches encourage that there players be responsible to communicate with him and each other.  If your athlete has questions or concerns about play time, practice or anything else soccer related-he should address it with the coach first.  If there still seems to be an issue, please feel free to contact the coach.  His email is on our home page.

8.  Do we play or practice when school is on break?Yes, most of the time.  The coaches will use there discretion but we generally have games and practices constantly throughout the HOLIDAY season in Late November, December and January including when schools out.

9.  I hear the Boys Soccer budget is flush and doesn't need the funds?  Every year we face this notion, but without your help sponsoring and donating-we would not be able to keep the program running.  The district only pays a fraction of what it costs to run the program and we must maintain a balance to offset the following years pre-season purchases.  The foundation and district bills us for the balances and we MUST pay them or be shut down as a program, they will not honor or pre-pay for anything.  We have had many lucky years that our parents take every opportunity to donate/sponsor with the full "ask" at the beginning of the season and look forward to your continued commitment to the soccer program.  Some schools have given up their Freshman teams in order to save their programs but TPHS has been honored over the years to have the family support to keep such a large program going for all three rosters.  Our basic needs from year to year are $60,000 -70,000 to run the program-depending on equipment needs.

10.  What do the district and foundation bill us for?  To start...$100.00 per player for bussing and transportation fees (our full rosters are usually 75-90 players), Freshman coach and Asst. Coaches salaries, Athletic Health Trainer's salary (this person is on the field at all times in case of injury), a very small percentage of our proceeds go back to the foundation to support all programs, use of TPHS weight room, medals and awards just to list a few-then we as boys soccer must pay separately for balls, equipment, uniforms, tourneys and anything else that we do-senior night, the banquet etc. , so please support our program and the boys.